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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Jersey, What Not To Do

"When Barack Obama makes his New Year's resolutions, at the top of his list ought to be the following: 'I will not allow America to become New Jersey.' Think of it as our [New Jersey's] gift to the nation." These are the words spoken in an editorial in today's Wall Street Journal in an article titled "New Jersey is the Perfect Bad Example, Obama should look here to see what high taxes do." As stated by the author, New Jersey, according to the Tax Foundation, has the most hostile business environment in the country. Moreover, as realized by the author, "Over the long run, the only way to have a healthy and growing economy is to do exactly what New Jersey has not: Trust the people with their own money, and create an environment where initiative and enterprise are rewarded rather than penalized. Absent a thorough-going revolution in Trenton, New Jersey may be lost for some time to come. But if Mr. Obama can learn from our bad example and do the opposite, New Jersey's loss might yet be America's gain." I fully agree with the author and can only pray that the New Jersey Legislature will one day realize the wisdom that resonates from the author’s words.

To read the full article by the Wall Street Journal click the words Property Tax.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hoboken Property Tax Increase Madness

Residents who reside in Hoboken, my hometown, have seen their property taxes increase 47% in one year. Here is a video that discusses the current financial crisis in Hoboken further.

N.J. - 13 of 20 Most Taxed Counties in Nation

New Jersey has 13 of the 20 most taxed counties in the Nation according to a new study by the Tax Foundation for owner-occupied homes located in counties that have populations of over 20,000. According to the study, the ranking of the counties with the highest property tax burden is as follows:

Westchester County, New York ($7,908)
Nassau County, New York ($7,726)
Hunterdon County, New Jersey ($7,708)
Bergen County, New Jersey ($7,370)
Somerset County, New Jersey ($7,201)
Essex County, New Jersey ($7, 149)
Rockland County, New York ($7,066)
Morris County, New Jersey ($6,977)
Union County, New Jersey ($6,727)
Passaic County, New Jersey ($6,673)
Putnam County, New York ($6,553)
Suffolk County, New York ($6,502)
Monmouth County, New Jersey ($6,360)
Hudson County, New Jersey ($5,865)
Lake County, Illinois ($5,790)
Fairfield County, Connecticut ($5,694)
Sussex County, New Jersey ($5,677)
Middlesex County, New Jersey ($5,575)
Mercer County, New Jersey ($5,457)
Warren County, New Jersey ($5,228)

Source: The Tax Foundation

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Schneck Holtzman LLC Has Moved

Please Note: Schneck Holtzman LLC, a firm that focuses on property tax appeals, has moved to Livingston, New Jersey.

Schneck Holtzman’s new address is:

301 South Livingston Avenue, Suite 105
Livingston, New Jersey 07039

Phone: (973) 533-9300

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