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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Response to Governor Spitzer's Speech

As I wrote earlier today, Governor Spitzer addressed the State of New York today in his second State of the State Speech. One of the main issues discussed was New York’s ever-increasing Property Taxes. Below is a portion of the Senate Majority State of the State Response, which was given by New York Senator Andrew Lanza:

“Providing homeowners with more relief from skyrocketing property taxes is the most important thing we can do.

In my district on Staten Island and throughout the State, families are concerned that they cannot make ends meet and provide for their children because their property taxes are too high. Two years ago, the Senate started a program to give homeowners property tax rebate checks to help them pay their taxes. New Yorkers are paying the highest property taxes in the country and they deserve more relief.

Last year, Governor Spitzer proposed eliminating property tax rebates, but the Senate fought to restore them -- and actually increase the value for most families.

Governor Spitzer also refused to extend this additional property tax relief to senior citizens -- and that was the wrong thing to do.

This year the Senate is proposing to significantly increase property tax relief for every New York homeowner.

We have proposed a comprehensive property tax relief plan that would double the size of the current STAR rebate for most homeowners and triple the size of the STAR rebate for seniors. The Senate plan eliminates the complicated income brackets and eligibility limits put in place last year. No longer will this administration get to choose which families get property tax relief and which families don’t.

Under the Senate plan, most families would see annual property tax rebate checks of up to $1,000 or more.

Another Senate Majority plan would eliminate property taxes altogether as the means of funding our public schools, and replace them with a system of fair, State funding that will ensure a quality education for all our students.

People work hard to pay their property taxes and we need to work hard to provide them with greater property tax relief. No one has done more to protect property taxpayers and provide them with real tax relief than the Senate Majority because there is simply no more important issue facing New Yorkers.

The Governor and Assembly must join us in doing everything we can to get this done so seniors can afford to stay in their homes and people can afford to provide for their families.”


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