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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Jersey Property Taxes

New Jersey property taxes were mentioned throughout Governor Corzine’s State of the State Speech yesterday.

One of the first points the governor noted was how, under his administration, an additional 70,000 senior households are now afforded the protections of the Senior Freeze Act.

The governor also noted how he is recommending that municipalities be afforded the option of forgoing pension payments in order to avoid budget cap waivers. According to the governor, allowing municipalities to avoid the pension payments will allow municipalities to avoid painful property tax hikes.

The governor also claimed that he is going to seek to actively enforce the 4% local budget cap, something that over 80% of reporting municipalities did not comply with last year.

Lastly, in concluding the speech, the governor stated: “We must work with county executives, freeholders, mayors, and school boards to make New Jersey more affordable by holding the line on property taxes.”

Despite these statements by the governor, to most property owners throughout New Jersey, little seems to have been accomplished to alleviate the ever-crushing property tax burden.

To read the full text of the governor’s speech, please click the words New Jersey Property Taxes.


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