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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Property Tax Rebate Changes

In today’s speech, (below in full), Governor Corzine addressed many different aspects of New Jersey’s financial picture. In so doing, Governor Corzine lowered the annual income one may earn in order to be eligible for a Property Tax Rebate. As stated in his speech:

“We should also revisit some of the unfinished business from last year’s special session on property tax reform such as eliminating defined benefit pensions for part time workers. The next broad area for savings involves painful reductions in base-budget aid and grant programs. This includes some property tax rebates, municipal aid, higher education, hospital assistance and Medicaid. Cuts in these areas will total almost $1.4 billion. These cuts are unavoidable as nearly 75 percent of all State spending is grant based or pass through aid. In terms of property tax relief programs 90 percent, repeat, 90 percent of all homeowners who received a rebate last year… will again. Those earning $100,000 or less, 70 percent of all households, will receive exactly the same $1,000-plus rebate they received last year. Those earning between $100,000 and $150,000 will receive at least two-thirds of last year’s rebate. We will also expand the eligibility for the senior freeze to an income level of $75,000 … helping another 150,000-plus of senior households. Unfortunately, residents earning more than $150,000 will no longer be eligible for rebates. In addition, renter rebates will be narrowed while increases in special assistance rental vouchers partially offset this cut.”


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